Fire Emergency

IF YOU DISCOVER A FIRE, you should remain calm and:

  • Pull the fire alarm in the nearest fire pull station.  Fire pull stations are located at the entrance to the stairwells.
  • Call 911 from a safe location.
  • Notify the Property Management Office or Tenant Service Center.
  • Evacuate or relocate and assist all the others in the immediate area.
  • Close doors behind you to isolate the fire.
  • Proceed to the closest stairwell and exit the building. NEVER use the elevators.
  • Be cautious when opening doors so as not to spread the fire; before opening any door, touch it first to ensure it isn’t hot.
  • If smoke is present, stay low and crawl with your body against the floor. The clearest air is near the floor.  If forced to make a dash through smoke or flame, hold your breath and cover your nose and mouth.
  • If you cannot exit the building, go to a window and make a signal so the fire personnel can see where you are and then look for a window that has the symbol of a fireman’s helmet since this indicates a window that firemen can easily remove.
  • Once outside, move at least 500 feet away from the building so others can safely evacuate, and go to your organization’s pre-determined assembly area.
  • Stay away from the building so the fire department can work quickly and to avoid injury from window breakage.
  • Activate your floor warden team ensuring everyone evacuates from your offices and securing the premises. Ensure your plan for assisting persons requiring assistance is properly executed accounting for those individuals and their safety.
  • Emergency personnel may assist in directing and giving specific instructions to your employees. The directions given by the fire department and property management should be followed at all times.